Usha calculating her BMI. Participants enjoyed the story shared bytrainer.


It’s your turn to go up! Sharon seems enjoying the moment.
The reason we are doing thisworkshop is… Participants actively writing.. Lovely couple attending workshoptogether. Karen very focus.
What are my reasons (stories) for notable to slim down in the past.


Yes, that is the same reason for me too Tiffany listening attentively to Karen’ssharing. Wonderful sharing by Karen about herconcern (non-supporting belief)

of slimming down.

The lists goes on.. Peng Tatt gave Emily an instant reliefof headache using Meridian Massage. After relieving headache, can focus better Clarity leads to Power.
Participants gets clarity through sharingof experiences. The methods I used previously andgiven up are. Clara helped participants to write downthe non-sustainable ways participants

had tried before.

“We have tried this before and we arestill the same size..”
Why most methods are not sustainablebecause they don’t fit into these criteria Be careful what you put into your mouth.  Why we choose not to have pills or rely on health supplement to slim down. A better and easier way to improvehealth and body metabolism.
This is important point for detox and.. The reasons we want to slim down are.. Every second is a step closer to my ideal weight. We have Clarity!


The Number One reason people failed to lose weight is because they don’t know THE REAL WHY they need to lose weight.

Number two reason people failed to lose weight because they are not CLEAR on their goal.

Because of reason one and two, they failed to take SUCCESSFUL actions to stay slim.



Helps our participants discover out the REAL MOTIVATING FACTORS in them to slim down.

Coach and and customize Autopilot Slimming Program for our participants that suit their lifestyle so slimming is AUTOPILOT.

Eight weeks of coaching and consultation that the participants will practise the simple ways that bring great and sustainable results!

Participants will learn 20 great technqiues on Autopilot Calories Burning.

Participants will learn Meridian Shower Massage such that slimming is as easy as taking shower.

Participants will learn many useful technqiue to manage the urge or craving.

Participants will go through a special session that they have good relationship of all the food, including healthier and nutritious food.

Participants will learn useful technique and mindset that not only they will overcome challenges in weight but many other challenges in life.

Our participants will be englightened, empowered and motivated to be slim and healthy for the rest of their life because we made SLIMMING EASY and FUN for them.

“After following the four golden principles, I get to enjoy my food and I no longer crave for the not so healthy food”, Jewel, Nurse.

“The program not only teaches me how to slim naturally, but also teaches many useful and easy teachniques to handle unforseen situation in achieving goals”, Yenn, Business Owner.

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