Beacon LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability) delivered an insightful and engaging one-hour session to our staff in March 2012. Your presenter, Peng Tatt is highly knowledgeable in the Chinese Meridian system of wellness and health.

Melissa Goh, Senior HR Manager, Mindchamps Singapore Pte Ltd 

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"Power Up Your Health" at 

"My colleages found the session very interesting and educational.  We enjoyed ourselves especially when we took part in the team games.  You made the whole workshop practically easy with simple steps which are basically DIY Techniques."

Abu Noohu, Customer Fullfillment Leader, Hypertherm (S) Pte Ltd. 11 Oct 2010.  

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Refresh, Recharge, Rejuvenate at


"Our staff have provided feedback that they enjoyed the session and found the information to be very beneficial to them. The speakers were very professional and engaging, making the session animated yet informative and enlightening." 

Emily Tan, Head of Human Resources, Bangkok Bank,  28 Sep 2010.

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Integrated Wellness Solutions at

"The session was well received by our members. The DIY techniques that Mdm Tay taught them is definitely useful as the Meridian Massage treats the whole body and thereby also causes a psychic balance" 

"Another positive side effect of Meridian Massage is that one will often see other problems the client has not actually come to be treated for are improving as well"

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Cynthia Aw, Program Manager, WINGS

Meridian Massage Workshop Series 


Women’s Initiative For Aging Successfully

 "This is a very enlightening and inspiring session.  I practise your suggestion and I am now less stressful and manage my work better.  My eye also don’t feel that tired.  The meridian exercise also helped me with better skin", Gek Lui, Senior Technical Officer, Apr 2012

Ultimate Slimming Intensive Workshop

LOHAS Meridian Massage Workshop (Comprehensive)  

 "Peng Tatt is the expert in the meridian system.  He knows what are the points to help you to improve various sickness. I can feel more energy on the points he advised me to take care", Anthony Low, Business Owner, Apr 2012

LOHAS Meridian Self-Therapy Program

 "The LOHAS Meridian Exercise is very effective.  I used to have cough more a week.  Interestingly, after learning the LOHAS-ME yesterday, I am feeling much better now. That’s is why I am attending another program Ancient Therapy for the Modern Living", Cecelia, Teacher, Mar 2012

LOHAS Meridian Exercise

 "I find this tapping technique is very useful.  It tremendously improved my bowel system.  If fact, the very first time I learnt and practise this, I already felt the effect. That’s why I quickly rush home" David Chong, Logistic Profession, Mar 2012

LOHAS Meridian Self-Therapy Program

 "I used to have gastric and bloated stomach problem. It can be as bad as affecting my voice when talking to customer. After practising the method, I will burp and feel much better." Margaret Kan, Sales Executive, Mar 2012

LOHAS Meridian Self-Therapy Program

  "Will LOHAS Meridian Exercise help in balancing high blood pressure? I found my blood pressure has been stablilizing", Curtis Choy, Mar 2012

LOHAS Meridian Self-Therapy Program

 "The LOHAS Meridian Exercise does help me and my family. This is especially prominent for the past 3 months, I never fall sick", Hui Ling, Ministry of Defense, Jan 2012

LOHAS Meridian Exercise

"I used to take a very expensive US supplement for my bowel movement and even though I can sleep well, my body still feels tense.  After practising this exercise diligently, I no longer need the supplement. This technique helps me save $80+ per month.  I am also able to sleep very well and more relax now"  Betty Teo, freelance trainer.  Mar 2011

LOHAS Meridian Massage Workshop (Comprehensive Class) & LOHAS Meridian Exercise

 "I’ve been practising the 5 min simple exercise regularly.  Now my waistline seems to go down and I can wear one size smaller.  My fatty liver condition also improved", Rosaline, May 2011

LOHAS Meridian Exercise & LOHAS Meridian Stretching Exercise 

 "I feel more relax and seems to sleep better after one week of practising this",  Shareen, Mindef,  October 2011

LOHAS Meridian Flexercise

 "I’ve been eating very healthily for many years but my weight seems couldn’t go down.  The Ultimate Slimming Intensive workshop help me to understand what changes I need to adopt.  Now my husband and I enjoy our dinner together more", Suet Fong, Sept 2011

Ultimate Slimming Intensive Workshop

 "I lost 4kg within a month. Thanks for the Ultimate Slimming Intensive workshop to enlighten me what went wrong in my weight management effort.  The good things is I still able to enjoy my food". Hung Ming, Business Owner, August 2011

Ultimate Slimming Intensive Workshop

 "I used to underestimate our spleen. After learning from Peng Tatt and regularly practising the techniques he taught. My spleen energy is balanced.  My lips color is better too" Lek Inn, October 2011

LOHAS Meridian Flexercise 

 "I was able to save "revived" my father-in-law when he collapsed during his birthday dinner. I am glad that I learnt this techniques just hours before the incident", Edwina, August 2011  

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 LOHAS Meridian Massage Workshop (Comprehensive Class)

 "Just a few days ago, my colleague was complaining leg pain. I showed how to press her our body natural pain killer point.  After a short while, she felt the relief. I am glad that I learnt this techniques", Rohaidah, October 2011

 LOHAS Meridian Massage Exercise 

 "I am thankful for able to learn this wonderful techniques and simple exercise routine.  I used to have sleeping problem, migraine and feels tired.  Now, I manage my headache pretty well. It hardly strikes me anymore.  And the (open-heart) gesture really relieve my back ache very much."  Vivian, Homemaker, August 2011

LOHAS Meridian Massage Exercise & LOHAS Meridian Stretching Exercise  

"I always believe in acupressure and meridian points.  After Peng Tatt showed me the point to massage. My heel pain was gone within a week just by massaging two area of my leg.  I already learnt alot within the 1st day of the workshop. I will definitely recommend it to my friends", Omana, 15 Jan 2011

Meridian Massage Comprehensive & Retreat Workshop 




"I was having flu and terrible blocked nose.  My shoulder was in terrible pain. I thanked Peng Tatt for helping me to relieved the pain.  The tapping method worked well that I was able to sleep very well that night because my blocked nose was relieved",  Aaron, Business Owner, 11 Jan 2011.




"I was in the bus that the air was not well and I felt like vomitting.  I remember what Peng Tatt taught and start to do self-massage.  I burped and after that I felt much better for the whole journey", Dolly, Homemaker, Dec 2010.  

Meridian Massage Workshop & Retreat (Comprehensive) 


"The knowledge learnt is useful. There are times when my colleague having runny nose or flu, I help them using meridian massage.  They felt better within minutes", Sok Min, Oct 2010. 

Meridian Massage Workshop & Retreat (Comprehensive) 


"I used to have tennis elbow and doctor advised me to go for injection every year. I decided to practise the meridian massage, especially the He Gu point for one year. I no longer have the problem", Mdm Ow, July 2010


Meridian Massage Workshop & Retreat (Comprehensive) 


"I think the tapping does help. I used to have stiff neck & shoulder.  My calves used to feel "sng" (pain and sore) every night, but now I no longer feel it", Rachel, June 2010


Meridian Massage Workshop & Retreat (Comprehensive) 


Relief from Menstrual Pain – Judy, 38
Since teenage, I suffered from mensutrual pain. Whenever my periods came, it was so painful that I literally have to lie on the floor. I had to take medical certificate and be absent from class. When I grew older, the menstrual pain still haunted me every month. I will also have backache and I become restless, impatient and hot tempered. I had sought medical treatment but the doctor said that this is due to shifting of my womb position, and the menstrual pain is inevitable. Later, I sought treatment from Chinese physician. He prescribed some medical herbs for me to boil and drink. The Chinese herbal medicine helped me to relieve my pain a little but it