LOHAS Healthcare Seminar – Series 3
~ Bringing you the Best Fusion in Western & Oriental Natural Therapy ~

Traditional chinese herbs are well-known for their miraculous healing effects for thousands of years. Instead of the usual way of brewing the herbs into a dark, pungent bowl of concoction, the western traditional way of extracting essential oils from plants is used to produce medical herbs essential oils. Together with TCM Meridian Massage techniques, we are able to reap the benefits of these traditional medical herbs in a more efficient and convenient way.

From TCM point of view, the lung is delicate, intolerable to cold and heat, and is easy to be attacked by pathogenic factors. That is why it is called a “delicate organ(娇脏)”. The function of the lung mainly depends on the propelling and fixating functions of lung qi and, secondly, is related to the moistening function of lung yin. The lung possesses 2 physiological functions:

  • Dominating qi (主气);
  • Managing the regulation of water passage (主通调水道).

Thus, if our lung qi and lung yin is deficient or our lung qi fails to disperse, it can lead to problems like chest oppression, cough, dyspnea(气喘), production of phlegm, rheum, edema(水肿), disorder of urination, dry skin, profuse sweat, susceptibility to cold, fever, stuffy nose, running nose, hyposmia(嗅觉减退), unsmooth respiration with the nose, changes in vocalization, sore throat, hoarse voice or even aphonia(失声).

Learn how to upkeep the well-being of your lung organ using easy-to-learn DIY Meridian Massage techniques…

Pictures of Event

               Audience all ready to start the seminar.
                   The speaker for the evening, Ms. Neo.
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