LOHAS Seminar – Series 1 on 29th January 2008
~ Bringing you the Best Fusion in Western & Oriental Natural Therapy ~

Traditional chinese herbs are well-known for their miraculous healing effects for thousands of years. Instead of the usual way of brewing the herbs into a dark, pungent bowl of concoction, the western traditional way of extracting essential oils from plants is used to produce medical herbs essential oils. Together with TCM Meridian Massage techniques, we are able to reap the benefits of these traditional medical herbs in a more efficient and convenient way.

Kidney is a vital organ in our human body. From TCM point of view, the kidney is the source of genuine ying and genuine yang. The physiological functions of the kidney are composed of six parts:

  • To govern growth and development;
  • To govern reproductive function;
  • To govern metabolism of water;
  • To govern reception of qi;
  • To produce marrow to enrich the brain and transform blood;
  • To nourish and warm the internal organs.

In our very first public “appearance” about LOHAS and our new 169 product series at Bayview Hotel function room, the audience learned how to upkeep the well-being of their kidney using easy to learn DIY Meridian Massage techniques…

Pictures of Events

Crowd starts to arrive for registration as early as 6:45pm
The front seats are snatched up like hot cakes!
                MC getting the audience ready…
                               An attentive audience…
Our teacher Ms Neo showing the audience how to locate (三阴交) san ying jiao meridian.
                                 Yes! I found it at last!
                          Wah sei…. very shiok leh!
               My shoulder hurts a lot, please help me…
              1st lucky winner who won the $68 package!
                   Our 2nd lucky winner for the night!
                      The happy final lucky audience!
The speakers for the evening(from left): Ms. Neo, Mr Lim & Mr Chua.

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