Is it pure Miracle or more? 

   First published on Apr 2011.




Dear Beacon LOHAS Friends,

I had a meeting with Cayden and Lai Kwan on 11 Mar. It was a humbling experience to learn from someone who had survived terminal cancer and another who are fighting hard to manage the body from cancer spreading.

Many of you who attended the DIY Meridian Massage Comprehensive Workshop (DIYMMC) (the program has since improved with more case study and effective techniques, LOHAS Meridian Self-Therapy Program – LOHAS-MSP) would have heard me mentioned about Cayden case. Cayden is one of very few trainers, whom I came across, who are very sincere, genuine and passionate about life.

However, he was diagnosed with kidney cancer last Aug. One of his kidneys has to be removed immediately. Six months after the operation, he still has to closely monitor his situation because the doctor said that the cancer cell is very aggressive and it might spread.

I managed to link Lai Kwan and Cayden up so that he can learn from her experience.

If you have heard Lai Kwan’s story during our gathering, she survived the impossible situation 9 years ago. In 2002, she went through regular medical check-up and passed with clean bill. However, shortly after that, she discovered she had breast cancer when performing self-check. After going through another medical check-up, she was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. The cancer cell has spread to her liver, by then more than 90% affected. She was given six – 12 months before end of life.

In fact, her doctor did not put high hope on her recovery. In order for her to enjoy quality of life for that last few months, a dosage of chemotherapy was spread into 3 days so that she would not suffer the normal bad effects of such drugs. Knowing that the chemotherapy could weaken the body, Lai Kwan had opted to use Chinese medicine to booster her immunity. Luckily, the doctor was open-minded and compassionate and agreed with her course of action.

Lai Kwan accepted the bad news with positive attitude. Instead of whining or complaining “why me?”, she chose to live the fullest of her life. She continued her dancing/painting and guzheng classes, added more travelling, started Qi-Gong/taichi and meditation.

As she was relating her past experience to Cayden, I learnt a useful term from her “Self-audit”.

The first thing she did upon receiving the bad news was to do a self-audit upon herself on three areas, (1) Lifestyle (2) Diet (3) Emotion.

Lifestyle – She had chosen to sleep early and wake up early, practicing meditation, qi-gong, meridian tapping. In fact, she still keeps as much to the meridian time clock (which we explained in DIYMMc – currently, LOHAS-MSP) as possible and sleeps as early as 10.30PM.

Diet “ She ate more vegetable/ fruits and avoided unhealthy food. She stirred fried the vegetable with water and reduced the usage of oil. Salt, gravy to the barest minimum. She avoided unhealthy food and diary products. Now, 9 years after the incident, her breakfast is mainly a base of millet & rice, with a sprinkle of nuts, seeds & dried fruits thrown in every morning. Of course, now after fully recover from the cancer, she occasionally indulge in not-so-healthy-food during social gathering.

Emotion “ This is one area that many people might ignore. Lai Kwan mentioned that during her self-audit, she decided to release certain grudges/anger which has been festering within her for some time. Many of you had learnt from our FIVE Elements session in DIYMMC or LOHAS-MSP, emotion is one area that will affects our organ and meridian. (I told Cayden to check himself too. What could be his emotion for the past few years as entrepreneur? He mentioned that during that initial time, it was bread and butter issue, probably the stress and worry could have aggravated the situation?).

One thing I observed when listening to Lai Kwan, I have a feeling that she is a lady with strong will and positive mental attitude. May be it is her strong will to live life to the fullest or strong will to survive for somebody she cares a lot that gave her a new life.

Until now, during her regular check-up, the doctor still can’t believe she managed to survive the illness because her cancer was classified as triple-negative (a very aggressive form) situation.

Sometimes, there are many things beyond the current science and technology can explain. Our body is a creation of mother nature, it probably has more healing power than we thought.

As our motto in our meridian & slimming class, “Take cares of your body, so that your body take cares of YOU.”

YOU means the things that matters to you most in your life.


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Some feedbacks/examples of our participants doing

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Betty shared:

Betty was a corporate high flyer. After retiring, she is still active as a freelance trainer. She engages a healthy and active lifestyle. On top of her regular exercise and golf session, she recently attended LOHAS Meridian Exercise. She has been diligently practicing the LOHAS Meridian Exercise practice twice a day. She has recently shared with the class that the LOHAS Meridian Exercise (LOHAS-ME) has helped to improved bowel movement. Previously, she has to rely on an expensive health supplement ($80+ per month). Now, she no longer need the health supplement and manage to pass motion twice a day. We are happy for her because LOHAS ME helped her relieve her condition naturally , safely and save money at the same time.

Angela, Rosaline and Vivian also benefited from LOHAS-ME, they sleep better. Vivian manage her regular headache well while Rosaline sleeps better and slim down a little too.

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LOHAS DIY Meridian Massage (MM)
Beacon LOHAS Meridian Massage guru, Mr Lim Peng Tatt holds a certificate in Holistic of Aromatherapy and TCM Meridian Physical Therapy. Through many years of practice and invaluable experience that he had accumulated by helping many to recover from various ailments, he has co-created LOHAS DIY Meridan Massage (DIY-MM).

LOHAS DIY-MM is an effective and easy-to-learn set of MM techniques which everyone, young and old, can use anytime, to alleviate common health problems like cold, cought, respiratory problems, body pains, menstrual problem, fluid retention, headache & migraine, insomnia, and many more. Doing LOHAS DIY MM routine exercise using just 10 minutes a day can also help to achieve Total Wellness in our body and prevent illness.

He also incorporated an unique method together with DIY Meridian Massage to design Autopilot Slimming Program that helps people manage weight naturally and easily.   Most of Peng Tatt’s students commented that the workshop is fun, practical and easy to learn. They can feel his passion in sharing the knowledge and experience.