Acupressure and meridian massage: combined effects on increasing body weight in premature infants.




School of Nursing, China Medical University, Taichung, Taiwan; Graduate Institute of Chinese Medical Science, China Medical University, Taichung, Taiwan [corrected]


Below is an exraction from the finding of The following findings from a medical article.  1: J Clin Nurs. 2008 May;17(9):1174-81.1:

AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this study was to assess the body weight gain of combined acupressure and meridian massage in premature infants.

BACKGROUND: Each year in Taiwan, 8-10% of newborns are delivered prematurely. Effective postnatal care is essential to ensure the healthy development of premature infants. Massage therapy has been administered to facilitate weight gain in the neonatal unit. The evidence-based findings in previous studies did not include acupressure or meridian massage.

METHODS: Forty subjects were randomised into two groups.

The 20 subjects in the experimental group were given a standard procedure of acupressure.

The control group, also consisting of 20 subjects, underwent routine care and was observed. The infants’ body weights and the volume of milk ingested were measured and recorded daily.

RESULTS: The daily average weight gain of the infants in the experimental group was 32.7 g (SD = 8.1) compared with 27.3 g (SD = 7.7) in the control group (approx 20% improvement)

CONCLUSIONS: An experimental trial established the effects of using acupressure and meridian massage on increasing body weight in premature infants. Acupressure and meridian massage have a significant effect on weight gain in premature infants.

RELEVANCE TO CLINICAL PRACTICE: Nurses could be trained in acupressure and meridian massage techniques to provide more effective level of clinical care for premature infants.

Beacon LOHAS is creating awareness about the simple, useful and parctical effect of meridian health therapy and massage.

 LOHAS Meridian Massag and Self-Therapy Program is an easy set of massage rountine and exercise to promote circulation of Qi and Blood for healthy body.  It also incorporated many useful and simple technique to relieve ache and pain and common illness.

Kids & U – Meridian Massage Workshop is a practical workshop for parents to show their love to their little prince and princess.  The gentle loving touch together with the technique to improve children overall health is the best gift and communication without words that we can give to our love one.


It’s a practical session for parents to learn:

  • Massage to improve immune system
  • Massage to promote growth healthily, stronger bone and teeth.  
  • Massage for clearer mind and eye sight.
  • Remedy for common illness such as cough, flu, high fever and etc.
  • Daily exercise that the children can perform themselves before sleep and during school.                   


What our past participants say about our workshops…

I like the clear instructions, very helpful handout, active participation. The light hearted and practical aspect is excellent. Your workshop is very informative and enjoyable. Good Value!”, Sheila, Massage Therapist, United Kingdom, May 09

“The DIY techniques that you taught them is definately useful as the Meridian Massage treats the whole body and thereby also causes a pychic balance…” , Mdm Aw, Program Executive, Mar 09

“The technique is useful. We applied to our children and they don’t have runny nose easily.  The good news is that the siblings no longer pass the flu and cough bugs to each other easily”, Stephen, IT Marketing Manger

“Having healthier kids is not about avoiding unnecessary medical cost only.  It’s the seeing them growing up healthily and peace of mind for the parent that is priceless.  I definitely would like to meridian massage my children every night for their healthier future”, Mdm Lim, Homemaker. 


“Meridian Massage for Children” Workshop 

Date:  TBD

Venue: 12 Arumugam Road, #02-11, Singapore 409958

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Small class size to ensure maximum learning and value for our participants. 



Let mummy do it for you first. Daddy will do himself first.

Remember to massage this before you sleep.

Youngest participant…

Assistant trainer make sure everybody understand.

Let mummy try it on you first. You do it your self later.

Lets do it together on daddy. Fun time..

Family boding time.

I wanna do it myself.




Our other Workshops…

Since 2009, LOHAS Meridian Massage and LOHAS Meridian Self-Therapy Program have benefited many people.

There were participants from different countries.  Our initial worry that language could be a barrier for effective learning.  Looks like our worry is just in our mind. 

The participants were having FUN with the theory and practical sessions.   This session is unique that not only we have a small “united nation” massage workshop here, we have experts in various fields, namely nutritionist, feng shui master, fitness coach and natural healing attending this workshop.

The workshop was intended to be FUN, PRACTICAL & EASY to practice for participants and it served this objective very well.

Beacon LOHAS’s workshop and training objective is to equip the participants with simple and effective ways to take care of their health and their love one.  

Event photos

Participants from UK, US and India Experts at various fields John trying to locate the Zhong Fu Mishal listen attentively
This points helps in perspirations and pores This is useful for blocked nose and flu Lady CEO in the making. Cheerful and detail logistics planner. We are GOOD!









LOHAS Meridian MassageTM Intensive Workshop is designed for the busy individuals. It helps them to save time and money.

The meridian interconnect deep within the body core and there are specific acupressure points along the meridians.  They can be envisioned as highways between the acupressure points in the body.  The common illness we have in our modern society can be frequently linked to the blockage of the meridians.

LOHAS Meridian MassageTM helps to clear the blockage in our body and thus helps to strengthen our internal organs and balance the five elements of our body.  It is therefore able to help to relieve many common illness and pains such as migraine, flu, cold, fever, indigestion, PMS, constipation, acne, lethargic and skin problems.


More about LOHAS Meridian Massage…

Fitness Coach participate fully This is the Chi Ze point. Amazing partners showing the points to massage for flu or cough. Oh, this sure helps to relax.
Well done! You press on the right spot! Yanna enjoyed practising on Mishal This is commonly used for head and neck pain. Peng Tatt showing the right way to find the point.
This is how to relieve neck pain. You are Amazing Partner. Let me try my skills. John having fun during practical session.
Yaana very focus. What is the joke? Group massage and exercise time. Lets locate the lung meridian together.
Sheila sure enjoy a back massage. Meridian Massage is interesting, do you do service for others? Let me try to help you on the back pain. H31 Meridian Fomula helps to relieve stiff shoulder, non-oily, fast absorption and long lasting effect.
Jacklyn’s turn to try out. Peng Tatt was facinated by the energy of the participants. Natural “Pain Killer” Teacher and student engrossed in practical session.
Important massage point for women vitality. Wise man in deep thought. Where is the “door to treasure” meridian point? John sharing a story of accupuncture point. This helps heart related and blood pressure problems.
Learning from Kungfu Panda?? Lets break the record. If Bladder Meridian is blocked… Participants helping each other practising.


More photos of past events


The workshop will cover the following topics.

  • Understand the wood, fire, earth, metal, water in our body.
  • How do the 12 meridians affect our health, emotion and natural beauty.
  • Simple massage routine to strengthen respiratory system (Astma, Sinus, Sensitive Nose).
  • Effective massage and exercise for relieving stress, migraine, pain and ache.
  • One minute effective massage for Man and Women, Energy and Vitality, Healthier reproductive system, Balance hormone level.
  • Massage to improve digestive system and detoxification (Bloated Stomach, Indigestion, Appetite).
  • Simple steps to weight management, radiant skin and hair growth.
  • Massage for children for parents who are concern.


Mishal had a good massage partner. Even Junie was also engrossed in the lesson. Top student award, chinese herbal DIY Facial Towel. Amazing participants with awesome trainer.


The amazing participants with our two lovely assistant trainers. Yaana from Czech, Mishal from India and Peng Tatt from Malaysia meeting in Singapore. Yes, we enjoyed the session! Sheila and Peng Tatt love Natural Therapy.



“I like the simple massage technique”, Sebatian. Trading Business

“The simple yet light hearted method makes the presentation and demostration clear and easy to remember”, Steven Tan, Pet Shop & Fish Spa Owner

“What attracts me is the simple and easy way of massage”,  Mdm Ng, Homemaker.

“The DIY techniques that you taught them is definately useful as the Meridian Massage treats the whole body and thereby also causes a pychic balance…” , Mdm Aw, Program Executive

“You have a very interesting workshop and easy massage slimming method”, Ivy Chan, Children Education Coach.

“The trainer is knowledgeable and show his passion in sharing his experience”, CK. Financial Trading.

“The is a very informative session.  Now I understand why I need to perform certain stroke in martial arts.  It’s enlightening. I am interested to learn the advance class.”, Sunny, Feng Shui Practioner. 

“The session is very informative and yet practical”,  Devendra, IT Security Business Owner.

“This is easy to understand, simple and practical session.  I hope you have weekdays class too.” Mrs. Tan.

“I like the clear instructions, very helpful handout, active participation.  The light hearted and practical aspect is excellent. Your workshop is very informative and enjoyable. Good Value!” Sheila, Massage Therapist, United Kingdom.

“I have tried other methods in relieving my constipation condition, however it took me half an hour to see the effect.  After learning your unique technique, I see results in JUST 5 Minutes. Thank you for teaching this!”, Clara Pang, Nurse 


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