1) Why are you charging a fee for a health talk?
Firstly, it’s not a health talk or health seminar that you go back and forget most of the things you learnt.

It’s is a 3-in-1 program where it is a

(i) learning program (you will learn valuable meridian health knowledge),

(ii) coaching program (where you get to understand your body type, your body deficiency and get advice and guidance to improve and see improvement within 6 weeks) and

(iii) it is also a family health care program (where you can put what you learn into helping your family members and friends).

Secondly, both trainers have combined more than 12 years of experience and spent thousands of dollars in learning different techniques to help participants to learn better and faster.  Comparatively, participants are saving lots of time and money because they will learn the essence of the important techniques. We help you to save time and time is money!

Thirdly, it is not a one-off program but life-long support learning and coaching program where participants are welcome to refresh their learning, upgrade their health knowledge and get help and advice when they encounter health challenges in the future at no charge at all.  So far, we have not seen a hospital (except charity organisation) that will promise their patient to come back for free consultation in 7 years time.  However, in Beacon LOHAS, we have provided support to our  participants who has been following us for almost 7 years.

Considered the value that our participants are getting, it is almost like a one time payment for life long membership.   Most of the learning institute will charge the student the same tuition fee if the student choose to take the same course again next year.  However, we are offering a complementary refresher course for participants to upgrade their knowledge.  So, the fee is considered relatively small for a life long program.


2) Why this program works?
Our method works on Mind, Body and Emotion total wellness.  We strongly believe that many health challenges are mostly due to our lifestyle, our habits and emotion that caused the disruption in our meridian Qi flows.

The first module of the training will guide you through a step-by-step self assessment of your body type and deficiencies.  That makes a lot of different because only when you know what is missing than you will use the right techniques for yourself.  In short, know where you are and where you want to go is the fundamental of every success.

We have many success cases because this first module. 

We work on the fundamental elements that lead to better health.  Just like in constructing a tall building, we need to have good foundation and solid ground.

From our experiences in training for past many years, many participants’ health challenges were not properly addressed, either due to lack of right knowledge or their physician just prescribed medicine to address the issue at hand (may be due to their busy schedule and a good number of patients to care).

We are strong believer on “the best health care is self-care“. Thus, our program serves as complementary and essentially important knowledge and techniques to help participants getting to the root of the issue and achieve better health because we really spend time understand each participant health need.


3) It’s long session, will it be tiring?
The workshop was designed to help participants absorb faster, remember more and it involves Mind, Body and Spirit wellness. That is the reason it takes a few sessions to complete.  Participants really get the value out of every time and money they invested.  The weekly practical allows participants to practice and understand the technique better. Beacon LOHAS workshop is unique because it is highly interactive, practical and experiential. Our past participants feedback commonly mentioned that the workshops is FUN, PRACTICAL and Hands-on.  Most of the time, participants choose to stay longer to learn more and discuss further.


4) Why are you charging such a low fee?
You are right!  We are charging such a low fee for the time being to create awareness. However, we would may revise the fee any time soon for us to be able to continue to research, collecting data, test and improve our techniques.

Moreover, as our community of health conscious group getting bigger, we definitely will have to restore to original pricing or increase the fee to provide good support to all of our graduates.

While we are a commercial entity, we seek to provide non-commercial pricing to those who really care for themselves and their family member.  That’s why we encourage interested friends to TAKE ACTION NOW to enjoy the value for money offer.

You can also help us to keep our course fee low by helping us save on sales and marketing cost – please share this web site or our articles to people who need it.


5) What if I cannot make it to one of the session?
Our program are designed in modular form.  Just in case you missed one or two sessions, you still can learn other module without problem.  Remember, we offer FREE refresher course, you can always attend the module that you have missed previously.  Our support staffs will also send reminder you to attend the module that you have missed.

6) Do you accept walk in registration?
We are sorry that we are not able to accept walk in because it’s a highly experiential workshop. We need to prepare the course material and logistics in advance. We can only cater for small class to facilitate the best learning result for our participants.

 7) How do I register?

Simply click the “JOIN” button and fill out the information, our support team will take care of the rest.

Pre-registration for LOHAS-MSP

You can email to enquiry@beaconlohas.com to register or SMS/CALL 90662770 to register for LOHAS-MSP.  Our support staffs will help you to complete the registration.