Feel tired easily? Feel cold easily?

Low immunity? Poor quality of sleep? Poor eyesight?

Indigestion? Bloatedness? Constipation? 

These could be the signs of the lack of Qi & Blood circulation in your body meridian systems. 

Qi and Blood play an important role in our health and fitness. Qi is the life force that gives us energy, vitality and mental alertness to perform our daily routine effectively.

Our organs, bone and tendon, skin need the nourishment of blood to rejuvenate.

If the Qi and Blood is lacking or not flowing smoothly, we will experience various symptoms including low immunity, feeling tired easily and many more symptoms. Conversely, with better Qi & Blood, we will experience Optimum Health.

Being healthy is not only about not falling sick but encompasses better energy, good quality of sleep, good digestive system, harmonize body functions so that we can stay healthy and fit until age of 80s.

In this 2-hours of training, you will learn

  1. What are Qi & Blood and how they are related to our modern scientific knowledge?
  2. What are the telling signs that your Qi & Blood is weakening?
  3. Simple food remedies and drinks that you can prepare.
  4. Meridian points and Qi-Flexercise to improve your Qi and Blood for optimum health.
  5. The lifestyle that promotes or weaken your Qi and Blood.
  6. TCM wisdom for longevity.

Participants Feedback:

  1. “I personally can see results. Now I don’t feel bloated and I can feel that my digestive system is stronger and the bowel system is more regular too.” Judy
  2. “I used to have sensitive skin issue. However, I have been practising the Qi-Flexercise diligently every morning. Now, I am off medication. My colleagues who know my condition are amazed at my improvement”, Sabrina,
  3. “I must tell you that what I learnt from the class has become my daily habit and way of life because the techniques and the meridian Qi-Flexercise routine has actually built up immunity so much so that I’ve not fallen sick for the past 2 years n, therefore, no medication“, Lynnette

Workshop Details

Date: 10 Dec 2022 (Saturday)

Time: 3PM – 5PM

Venue: Success Trees Training Center, 12 Arumugam Road #02-11

Fee: $30 per pax.

Early Bird: $20 per pax. (Register by 27 Mar 2022)

Small class size for safe management measure. Small class size also ensure participants have more time and attention from the trainer.

Please call/sms 90662770 for registration or further enquiry.

You can also email us at enquiry@beaconlohas.com for the next available class.