TCM Meridian SystemIn TCM, Qi, Blood and Essence are the vital elements of our health and vitality.

Qi is the vital energy for our body mind-body-emotion well-being.

When our vital organs has enough Qi, they will function in optimum conditions and prevent many diseases.

When Qi running smoothly in our meridians, not only we will better physic, we have clearer mind and balance emotion and good quality of sleep as a results.


Due to lack of Qi, a person may experience lethargic frequently
lethargy due to Qi deficiency
no matter how
much they sleep or rest.

For some, they may fall sick easily (cough, flu or catch a cold) or lack of appetite.

Some of the consequences due to lack of Qi are

a) Fall sick easily (sensitive nose or sinus include)

b) Feel cold easily

c) Feel tired or breathless easily.

d) Overweight

e) Underweight (or hard to gain weight)Bloated stomach or gastric pain

f) Constipation

g) Digestive issues (bloated stomach, indigestion, no appetite)

h) Possibly lead to hyperlipidemia or high-blood pressure.

There are many possibilities that can cause us to fall into this category.  It could be due to inherit issue, lifestyles, working environment and the food that we take (or lack of taking). The good news is that no matter what are the causes, we can improved our condition by doing minor changes to our lifestyle or improving our meridian conditions.

Improving Qi not only will help us to improve the above conditions, it would also helps us to have better skin, natural radiant face and more energy through out the day.

In “Better Qi, Better Digestion and Energy” workshops, participants will lean the following,

– Basic understanding of our meridian systems.

-How meridian systems related to digestive systems,  overweight or underweight.

– Vital body points to improve digestion and have more energy daily.

– Self-therapy techniques to improve Qi and blood.

– 5 min routine to improve bowel system.

-Daily food that aids digestive systems.


Participant Feedback

“Yes, I can testify that I’ve truly energised myself from your sessions and can feel that the “blocked” qi in my body is being “unblocked” by exercising the LOHAS Meridian steps you taught.  Also I can feel that my immune system is strengthened by faithfully doing the LOHAS Meridian exercise at least twice a day .  For this, I thank you from the very bottom of my heart.”  Sylvia, PA-Ministry of Home Affair, July 2012

“I used to perspired uncontrollably.  After practicing the self-massage and the 5min routine, my condition has improved a lot.  I was able to lost 3kg recently and most of all, I get to eat the food I love and lose weight at the same time.”, Jennie, Teacher, Apr 2012

“I have gastric and acid reflux history.  It was sometimes quite bad that my voice was affected.  Now I practice those techniques you taught and managed my condition much better”, Margaret, Mar 2012

“After learning the LOHAS Meridian Self-Therapy, I no longer have bloated stomach.  It improved my bowel system so much and now my spleen energy is better too”, Lek Inn, Dec 2011

“I am amazed by this simple technique. It helped me to relieve my long term digestion issue. I also no longer feel aches and pains or water retention. I can wear smaller size of dress. Most of all, I am less reliance on my gluten medication.” Lay Har, Manager, 20 Feb 2011.

Better Qi, Better Digestion and Energy

Date:  TBA

Time: TBA

Venue: Success Trees Training Roam, Lion Building B, 12 Arumugam Road #02-11, Singapore 409958


This is a highly interactive and hands-on class.  Limited seat, register early for your better well-being.

Call/SMS 90662770 to register or for enquiry.