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Dear Beacon LOHAS Friends,

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September is an exciting month for us.

With the help of an established MNC, Beacon LOHAS was able to helped out in a community project to encourage the stay home seniors to come out together to do simple Meridian Healthy Workout and interact with each other.

This issue of LOHAS DIGEST is a special sharing from our participant.

In July, one of the participants came to me, mentioning about her recent close encounter.

After her first day of LOHAS Meridian Comprehensive Workshop, she went on to attend her father-in-law birthday dinner in the evening.

Not long upon arrival, before she even had a chance to eat dinner, her father in law collapsed outside the toilet. His was not able to breathe properly and the whole body was cold. Even though she had just completed CPR course two weeks earlier, she dare not use the CPR technique on him because she had never perform CPR on real person. She chose to use the meridian technique instead.

She performed the emergency technique she had just learnt in the workshop on his father-in-law. It took the ambulance 15 minutes to arrive. That 15 minute wait for ambulance was like ages to her.

As she continued to press the emergency point and rub the meridians, her father in law was able suddenly exhaled with a long breath and turn-around his breath. His condition was stabalised and gaining a little more consciousness before the ambulance arrived.

As she related the story to me, she was not so sure the techniques help in that situation. I just told her that her father-in-law was very lucky to have her arrived at the right place and the right time. (You can also find the article I posted on 2009 on similar experience at here)

As I write this, I am glad that she learnt this technique just hours before the incident.

Thanks Edwina for sharing with us this story.

Please forward to those whom you think might benefit from LOHAS Meridian Techniques


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Please forward to those whom you think might benefit from LOHAS Meridian Techniques

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Some feedbacks/examples of our participants doing

LOHAS 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or ONE minute exercise

Margaret shared:

After attending the Ultimate Slimming Intensive workshop, Margaret has been diligently doing theLOHAS Meridian Exercise and focus on “slimmer waist”. She told us that her pants is looser now. Well done!