We are thankful to Celina and Mimi for the arrangement and making this happened.

It’s another milestone for the trainers in Beacon LOHAS when we trained in Deaf and Hard of Hearing Federation of Singapore (DHHFS) on 14 July 2013.

We have the opportunity to go into the world of silence when we taught LOHAS Meridian Self-Therapy using sign language.

For Peng Tatt, for a short moment, he felt he was the one who can’t hear when he saw others communicate in sign language and he couldn’t understand the conversation.  It’s a good experience for him to experience how it feels when we are not able to ‘hear’.


Our translator Cherry was good at real time translation

Luckily, that was a short moment. Peng Tatt picked up some basic sign language and with the help of Li Huan, Mimi and Cherry in translating the lessons, the whole session went on smoothly.  Luckily, with Cherry’s suggestion and LOHAS Meridian key strength and uniqueness in making things simple and easy to learnt, all of the participants have benefited from the useful hand technique and LOHAS Meridian Exercise basic.

Our face can show our health

Jannie volunteer for the demo on ‘body 5 elements – our face tells our health’.


Real life case study when comparing 2 persons

Real life case study on 5 elements.


Another telling sing of your health

Another telling sign of our health.


Learning LOHAS Meridian Exercise Basic - proper strectching

LOHAS Meridian Exercise Basic – Right Stretching.


Locating important lung meridian points

Locating the important point for lung meridian.


Locating our body natural 'panadol' point

Locating our body natural ‘panadol’ point.


Effective self massage technique

Simple and effective self massage technique.


Peng Tatt checking on Jannie shoulder

Peng Tatt checing on Jannie’s shoulder.


How to relieve stiff shoulder within minutes

How to relieve stiff shoulder within minutes.


Important point for all of us

Important point for all of us.


This point gives us power

This point gives us power.

With the overwhelming interest from the participants, our training session was extended for another hour so that everybody can learn useful and important techniques for themselves.

We thank DHHFS for the lovely token of appreciation.

Lovely Token of Appreciation


Deaf and Hard of Hearing Federation Information

For people who are interested to find out about DHHFS, do check out their Facebook Page. www.facebook.com/DeafHardOfHearingFederationSingapore


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