LOHAS DIGEST 41: How To Make LOHAS Meridian Self-Therapy Work Best For You?

Many a times, we have workshops participants and our graduate post questions “I/My family member has XYZ conditions, what is the point that I can massage”.

Instead of simply telling them what are the points for their conditions, my first response will be understanding more about the person (e.g body type and lifestyle), health conditions (e.g symptoms) and possible situation that triggers that situation.

Instead of telling them, massage this point or that point, I gave them suggestion on which meridians to take care, followed by the related points to massage.

Above is the fundamental to make LOHAS Meridian Self-Therapy works better for us – understand a person better and discover what meridians are involved.
We not only focus on the symptoms but also understand the whole situation in a holistic way for the purpose relieving the symptoms and resolving the root cause.

To quote a real life case, a few years ago, one of our participants who came to meridian comprehensive class – LOHAS Meridian Self-Therapy Program

She was easily breathless, her weight dropped drastically and she had wheezing sound while sleeping. 

Suspecting that she had asthmatic conditions, her doctor wanted to give her some spraying medication. Her TCM sinseh just prescribed some medicine for her and did not explain what else she can do.  However, her condition seemed not improving much.

During the comprehensive class, we have chance to better understanding her situation.  Her body type belongs to Qi Important point at Stomach Meridiandeficiency (pale face & easily breathless and tired).  We also helped to identify possible triggering causes.  The incident that triggered the situation was probably due to the minor surgical operation she went through months before she developed the asthmatic symptoms and drastic weight loss (disruption of body meridian and Qi flow).

Based on the 5 element of human body, the wheezing sounds was not because of asthmatic condition but weaken of Spleen and Stomach meridian (sudden weight lost and weakening of muscle, including throat area) and consequently affecting lung meridian.

Vital points of lung meridian

The advice for her was to take care of her Qi and blood flow by practicing LOHAS Meridian Qi-Flexercises to strengthen overall body energy, she also need to take care of lung and stomach meridian.

A few months later when she came to regular graduate gathering, her weight has gone back to normal and she no longer has wheezing sound while sleeping.

She can even joined us for hiking without feeling breathless.

Additional bonus for her, her skin is much more radiant too. We are happy for her. 🙂

While it is important to seek medical help for our health issue, it is even more important to train our body natural healing ability. It will just do wonder for speedy recovery or prevention of sickness.

Thus, towards our sustainable health!

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