24 July 2012

The hot weather didn’t stop them from having fun!

Beacon LOHAS trainer team determined to add more value and fun to the staff bonding session for Elfa Pre School and Childcare teachers and principals.

In a short period of 1.5 hours, the fun loving teachers not only learn useful and effective tips for health and wellness (LOHAS Meridian Self-Therapy and LOHAS Meridian Exercise basic), they also get to have lots of fun practicing what they learnt on their colleagues.

The trainers impart the real concept of being Healthy, Active and Productive and inspired them with real life case study how to use the useful techniques to be healthy and save money.

The teachers had learnt useful technique to relieve headache and stiff neck and shoulder, strengthen immune system and avoid flu and cough, improving Qi and blood circulation.

Here are some photos to relive the moments.

Empoyee Wellness and Bonding program

Teachers bonding session


Lohas Meridian is fun

 Cheerful teachers


Dynamic and cheerful emcee

 Dynamic and cheerful emcee


checking on our health indicator

Let observe each other health


let us know each other better

 Let me know you better


Never ending laughter

What was the joke?


It's not a talk but a training with fun useful activity

Activity to improve our Qi


cheerful teachers having fun

Useful tip for Healthy, Fit and Slim body


we really need to do more exercises

We realize we need to exercise more


simple and useful point to improve respiratory health

Important point for respiratory health


another useful point to prevent runny nose

Another useful point to prevent runny nose


Hands-on time, we are really bonding now

Now we are bond together


Ouch, I think I find the important acupressure point here

Ouch! Now I know I need to take care of myself


Let me try on you

Let me show you how to do it


Putting learning into practice

Putting what we learnt into practice


wow.. looks like i really need more massage here

Yes! I really need more massage



It was a fulfilling session for the trainers.  If given more space to move about, we could sure have more fun and useful learning too.  We are looking forward to add value to more people in the next session.


Feedback from the teachers

“Cool tips on how to make self better”

“It’s an easy and effective way to help us become healthy”

“The trainer is humorous.”

“It is fun and also benefit from the program exercise for my health”

“Learn to relieve ourselves from symptoms from illnesses”

“Interesting and informative”

“I like everything of the training”

“The trainer is enthusiastic”

“I like everything, very useful, thank you”

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