Traditional Chinese herbs are well-known for their miraculous healing effects for thousands of years. Instead of the usual way of brewing the herbs into a dark, pungent bowl of concoction, the western traditional way of producing essential oils is used to produce medical herbs essential oils. Together with TCM Meridian Massage techniques, we are able to reap the benefits of these traditional medical herbs in a more efficient and convenient way.

Liver is a vital organ in our human body. From TCM point of view, the liver “pertains to yin in entity and yang in function”. As one of the five zang-organs, the liver pertains to yin because it stores yin-blood. However, in function, the liver pertains to yang because yang-qi in the liver is very active and resolute, tending to disperse. The liver possesses 2 physiological functions:

  • To govern shu-xie(dredging & regulating);
  • To store blood.

Thus, with a healthy liver, we can have better blood circulation, body fluid metabolism, assist the spleen and stomach to digest food, regulate mental activities, enjoy happiness and pleasure, regulate menstruation, enhance our eyesight, have strong tendons and joints, and have firm and bright nails.

Learn how to upkeep the health of your liver organ using easy to learn DIY Meridian Massage techniques…

Medical Herbs Essential Oil DIY Meridian Massage

  • Learn how your face can tell about your health
  • “I Love My Liver”, meridian massage
  • Meridian massage to strenghten other organs such as gall bladder, kidney and etc.
  • Healthier organs helps improve metobolism and weight lost.
  • Meridian massage to avoid common illness such as flu, cold, cough, obesity, menstrual discomfort, lethargic,constipation and etc.

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Date: 24th April 2009, Friday 

TIme: 7:45PM – 9:45PM.

Venue: Block 204, Hougang Street 21, #04-107. S(530204)

Ticket: S$5 per pax

For reservations, please sms or call 90662770(Mdm Tay) or 96431612(Mr. Lim)



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