(Updated on 14 Sep 2019)

The haze has hit unhealthy level (PSI above 100) again after three relatively peaceful years.

If you remember, back in 2013, when we were badly hit by the haze, the PSI level was above 400 level. 

During that time, school activities were affected.  In the social media, we see people posting photos of the hazy area and many complaints about not able to get N95 face mask.  

We have sent out a LOHAS DIGEST – Unfazed by the Haze-Strengthening Lung Meridian and immune system against haze and germs. We mentioned about important meridian and acupressure point to take care during the hazy days.  It also mentioned fruits that helps your lung meridian too.

If you would like to receive a copy of that LOHAS Digest, you can click here to subscribe.  We will be sending an updated version by 16 Spe 2019.

In adiition to that, below are two simple dessert recipes you can prepare easily.  Both nourish your lung and soothe your throat too.  Since we are going to spent most of our time indoor, why not take this opportunity to prepare something together with our loved ones, make it a good family bonding time.

It is also good time to enlighten our young children to have healthy nutritious dessert instead of taking the heavily commercialized sugary rich dessert.


mung bean and barley  Ingredient:

1) Barley & Mung Bean (aka green bean for local) 150g each.

2) Rock sugar or honey.



Mung (Green) Bean and Barley Dessert

1) Wash both Barley and Mung Bean and soak it for 15~20min. 

2) Cook the mung bean in a pot of water until it’s boiling. Add more water if necessary.

3) Once boiling, slowly cook the mung bean with medium heat until it is soften.

4) Add in the barley and continue to cook for another 30min until it is soften.

5) Add small amount of rock sugar according to individual liking. Alternatively, can let the dessert to cool down and add honey into it.

Health Benefit:

1) Mung Bean contains dietary fiber, vitamin E, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, vitamin B.

In TCM, it is cooling and suitable for hot weather & heaty body.

It helps detoxification of body (especially the hazy days) and relieve symptom of food and drug poisoning.

It strengthens bone and teeth.

Fun Fact: Mung Bean per 100g of mung bean, you would get 120mg of Calcium

Mung bean can also be use externally for sensitive skin.

People with weak stomach or easily diarrhea should reduce intake.  

2) Barley contains dietary fiber, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin A and B.

In TCM, it is cooling, improves digestion and helps urination.  Thus, It is suitable for phlegm body type and relieves water retention.

It improves conditions such as high blood pressure & arthritis.  It also helps with skin complexion and removes freckles.

People easily diarrhea or urinate frequently should reduce intake. Women should avoid it during menstruation or first few months of pregnancy. 



Ingredient: Ginkgo Nut 20g, Rock Sugar or Honey  


  1. Dry fried gingko nut, remove shell.
  2. Boil the gingko nut until it is soften.
  3. Optional – Add small pieces of white fungus and cook for another 15min.
  4. Add rock sugar according to individual taste preference and it is ready fGingko Honey Dessertor consumption.   Alternatively, add honey when the dessert is cooler.

Health Benefits:

  1. Nourish Lung and Kidney.
  2. Nourish the “YIN” and remove heatiness.
  3. Ginkgo nut nourishes Lung, bitter in taste, helps stop cough.  Rich in protein, calcium and iron.   Eat ginkgo nuts with moderation, not more than 10 pieces a day.


If you would like to have something commonly loved by everybody but requires more ingredient, try Cheng T’ng.   

Remember to add plenty of white fungus that to nourish your lung and skin too.

Have a healthy week ahead! 🙂

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