Healthy Dynamic Team
Investment in employee well-being is a way that employers show real care and concern for their employee.
Needless to say, a healthy and productive work force will definitely contribute to the synergistic performance of an organisation in both job performance as well as team morale.  It is just like a soccer team or basketball team that wishes to win the championship, the coach not only has to train and stretch the players, he also need to take care of  the players mental and physical well-being at most of the time (if not all of the time). In short, we need to have healthy team in order to have a championship team.




Healthy and Fun Team Bonding TrainingBeacon LOHAS seek to be theSUSTAINABLE HEALTH partner for your organisation. Being healthy is not just about knowing more health 
information but the implementing and doing are the keys to the real learning and understanding.

Beacon LOHAS can provide your organisation a series of programs to bring the health awareness and empowerment techniques to the stake holder and create a healthy working environment. We provide workshops and training that involve the doing and practising of the participants. We create a space that is FUN for maximum learning.  Thus, achieve longer and sustainable results.

We also provide customised wellness program according to your organisation needs.

Our uniqueness is our ability to make things simple and easy to practise. Our motto is “If it is not easy, it is hard to be sustainable

Some of Beacon LOHAS clients include:

– Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) – 16 sessions
– National Librabry Board (Northern Region)
– ExxonMobil
– MindChamps (letter of recommendation)
– Tote Board
– Civil Service Club – Regular sessions
– Hyperterm (Singapore) Pte Ltd (testimonial)
– WINGS – 36 sessions (testimonial)
– Schools include NUS High, Zheng Hua Secondary School, Eunos Primary School, Red Swastika School, Changkat Primary School, East Coast Primary School, National Junior College, East Spring Primary School and Zhangde Primary School.
– Linde Gas Group
– Play N Learn Pte Ltd
– True Way Presbyterian Church Kindergarten
and many non-profit group.

Happy & Healthy session at Exxon Mobil – 27 Aug 2010

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