Meridian Massage Workshop: Eunos Primary School, 13th Feb 2009
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It was hot sunny Friday, when we reached the school, we are invited by the school to conduct “Practical Way to destress using Meridian Massage”.

The workshop was conducted in the school’s AV Room and more than 60 teaching and support staffs of Eunos Primary School turned up for the event. Even though the time allocated was short, our Meridian Massage teacher, Ms Neo gave all she had to impart the knowledge and massage techniques to the audience.
Topics covered includes using Meridian Massage as a remedy for distress, sinus, sensitive nose, headaches & migraine, PMS problems, insomnia etc.

Pictures of Event

Great turn out : The teachers, staff and parents
The teachers are great students now, very attentive.
“This is what happened when we do not have good quality sleep.”
 Seeing live demo is better than watching TV.
“Hair loss? Good, I can help.”
           “This is fun. Must take photos.”

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