20 Oct 2011

Recently, there is a research article suggesting daily dose of ginger may play a role in reducing colon cancer risk.

Ginger - Food that healsThe University of Michigan Medical School research team had done experiment on 30 healthy adults.  On a random selection basis, some of the adults were given daily intake of 2g of ginger per day versus the control group just took a normal placebo powder (as comparison).

After 28 days, the adults in the daily ginger intake group appeared to have shown sign of reduction of inflammatory in colon.  While the research is still only in its phase II, it suggested that ginger could be explored further for people with higher risk of colon cancer.  Ginger seems to be tolerable and safe. In the article, it suggested that further investigation in people at high risk for Colorectal Cancer (CRC) seems warranted.  So, if you are person who do not really enjoy  ginger, this may be a good  reason for you to try to.

In fact, in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), ginger is a very useful daily food that can serve as medicine as well as food.

In our recent Meridian Massage Graduate gathering, I shared with our graduate this Chinese quote, “男人不可百日无姜” (which literally translated to “a man cannot afford not to take ginger for 100 days”), says a lot about the importance of ginger.

Ginger provides “yang” (阳) energy to the body, thus warm our body.  Some of the healing properties of gingers include relieve cold, flu and motion sickness, warm our body, improve blood circulation and digestion.  It is also useful to relieve aches and pains, as mentioned in the above research that ginger has anti-inflammatory properties.

Even though University of Michigan Medical School mentioned that ginger is considered safe and tolerable.  However, in TCM, human body can be classified into different body constitution.   There are groups of people should take ginger in moderation while the others should take more.  Typically, people with “warm” body type should not over eat ginger.

Meridian Massage Workshop - 5 elementsThat is the reason in LOHAS Meridian Comprehensive workshop, we teach about the 5 elements of body, daily food that nourishes our body type and LOHAS Meridian Hand Techniques that enhance your body constitution.  Each of our body is different and unique.  It is imperative to understand our body and take care accordingly.

Ginger can be useful for external application too.  For people always having cold hand and feet, you can try to soak your feet with warm water mixed with ginger water.   Another useful area would be relieving knee and ankle pain.

Next time, when you see ginger in your dishes, try to enjoy them.

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