Asiaone reported that one of the world’s top pharmaceutical companies, GSK, is giving more attention and develop Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Quote from the news article, “Traditional Chinese Medicine is a well-established system of medical practice developed through thousands of years of empirical testing and refinement of herbal mixtures, and relies generally on clinical experience,” said Zang Jingwu, senior vice president and head of R&D China.


While there are possibly many works and R&D to be done, the move signifies the importance and recognition by the mainstream about the importance and efficacy of the long established treatment regime of TCM.

In fact, with the long history and many thousands years of experienced and practical results, TCM is a treasure yet to be fully discovered or comprehended by the western medicine or the mainstream.  Just like, gunpowder, compass, paper making and printing, TCM could be another main heritage of Chinese civilization that could benefits the world.  However, as TCM was an evolution and development of many centuries, it would take times to comprehend and understand.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

The efficacy of TCM relies on its approach in looking at the sickness as in more comprehensive view.  On the other hand, western medicine is generally targeted based.  For example, TCM herbs prescription focuses on the “君,丞,佐,使”which not only manage the sickness but also enhancing and protecting other organs.   One thing for sure, it requires the western medicine experts willingness to explore TCM from not only from their own perspective but also the willingness to unlearn and relearn certain concept.  The good news is the western medicine industry is taking positive steps to research on TCM.

While it is a good recognition that the pharmaceutical big boys are putting more attention to TCM, one concern remains.  Bearing in mind that the pharmaceutical industry is generally a lucrative business, considering  those companies are for-profit entity and answerable to their shareholder, one concern would be with the involvement of the big boys, would future TCM treatment become less affordable?  Let put our finger cross.

Anyway, the emphasis of TCM is not only to cure diseases but the prevention of it.  As the saying, “上医治未病”which can roughly translated to “a good physician will focus on diseases prevention”.  This is what LOHAS Meridian workshops focusing on as well, innovating and cultivating sustainable healthy lifestyle for the modern living.  We discover way to make it easy and fun, sometimes tasty too.

Healthy Herbal Eating

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