Strong Knees and Joints Program has helped many participants improved their joints, reduced their aches and enhanced their mobility without the use of pain killer, steroid or needles.

Natural Therapy For Knee Pain


Through a systematic approach, participants get to improve their body inside-out, followed by techniques that can relieve and avoid pains.

While many conventional methods just focus on pain relief or supplement, Strong Knees and Joints Program works on the fundamental first, improve the participants internal systems so that they can absorb the nutrient better.

Without healthy internal systems and good absorption, whatever good food or expensive supplement will be going into waste.

Through a four modules – learning and coaching session, participants get to improve their body internal system, stronger knees and joints, better knowledge and techniques to maintain healthy knees and joints.

attentive audience listen to important facts about strong knee and joint

In addition to getting themselves enlightened about knee pain and joints issues, the participants also get to learn useful routine that they can practise at home.  

With Peng Tatt’s guidance, some of them corrected their way of walking and posture which will help them in the long run.

daily routine for flexibilityPutting knowledge into practice.

Many participants which are in their golden years have shown improvement that they no longer relied on walking aids or knee guards that show minimal effect.  Many of them have gained confident that they can be lead active lifestyle at their age.

Warm up body meridian before morning routine  basic routine to strengthen knee joint and reduce pain

Above: Important part to strengthen meridian and knee joint.

Some facts about your knee and joints.

1) If you need to rely on the support of your hands to stand up after sitting or Knee Osteoarthritissquatting position, it a sign of weakening limbs and joints.  It is good time to start strengthening routine for your knee and joint.

2) Many people have the misconception that we should not exercise if we have arthritis.  Study has shown that proper weight management and moderate exercise may reduce your risk of arthritis.

3) Studies showed that people who take control of their treatment and actively manage their arthritis, experience lesser pain and feel better.

4) It is vital to take care of your liver and kidney meridians so as to take care of your tendon, joints and bone.

5) Thanks to continuous commercial marketing, many have misconception that “I should drink more milk if I have knee pain”.  The truth is, besides milk, there are plenty of wholesome food that are rich in calcium and other minerals for healthy bone.  As the saying, “when food is right, medicine is of no need”, so is supplement.

There were plenty of ‘AHA’ moments when participants went through the “Food As Therapy” module.  

For many people, milk product create an excess of mucus.  Low-fat milk or skim milk may not  be as healthy as perceived (it might be proportionately too high in acid-forming protein).

6) Another misconception is “I am old already, my situation is destined to be worsen”.   Our bone always in the process of remodeling (almost similar to rebuilding), thus by taking proper care, we can manage our situation better.

In “Strong Knee and Joint” program, we seek to empower the participants with the right knowledge, right exercise routine, meridian self-therapy techniques and food cure that give them the flexibility, mobility and avoid the nagging pain.


The topics that will be covered in the 4 modules training include

a) LOHAS Meridian Qi-Flexercise to strengthen body inside out. It’s Very Important to have healthy digestive system so that you will absorb the nutrient that helps your joints.
b) Food that helps your bones and joint. Calcium/Milk/supplement is not the only solution.
c) LOHAS Meridian Self-Therapy & Acupressure Point for knees and joint pain
d) Important routine to strengthen your knees and joint and increase flexibility.
e) Natural Remedies that helps relieve your joints pain.
d) Customize Your Actionable Plan for long term mobility
f) Ways to protect your knee and avoid further damage, even before it show signs of pain or discomfort.
g) Case studies
h) Renew your knowledge, Regrow your cartilage.


Participants Feedback

“I came for the training for my left knee problem.  After following through the first round of program. My knee is more flexible and my nagging knee pain does not bug me anymore.  With the LOHAS Meridian Therapy techniques, I also improve my digestion issue and bowel movement.  I benefit more than I expected.  That’s is why I asked my classmate to come along.”, Mdm Tan, retiree, 11 June 2013

(Update Nov 204:  Mdm Tan managed to enjoy a good trip traveling in Taman Negara which requires plenty of walking and climbing of stairs)

“I have problem squatting down and I had challenges following the simple strengthening routine the first two weeks.  Now, I have no problem squatting down and my knee and joints are strengthened.” Mrs. Chan, Homemaker, 2 July 2013

“After following through the program, my legs are strengthened and I can squat down easily. I come to learn more how to improve other area of my body, including my back ache issue”, Mr. Chan, 11 June 2013

“Wow, my legs feel lighter now after the first two weeks“, Jasmine, Hairdresser, 18 June 2013

“I have been practising the strengthening routine for the legs for the past one week. It is effective and it seems that the pain is lesser and sometimes no pain“, Cheng Neo (after learning the basic level of the whole program), 6 Aug 2013

“I used to need walking stick during my oversea trip.  After practicing the routine and techniques consistently, I was able to walk a long distance in Penang without walking stick and enjoy my favorite fruits – Durian”. Yue Xiang, June 2014. (Update: May 2015, Yue Xiang now can climb stairs that she hardly can do it half a year ago)

“Now my dad who is 77 years old can play badminton and table tennis with us.  It’s a great improvement for him compared to 2~3 years ago.”, Mdm Tay.  Mar 2016.

“The LOHAS Meridian Qi-Flexercise is very useful.  I used to have problem with my knees.  After practicing what I’ve learnt, not only that my knee is not so stiff, my digestive system has improved and better bowel movement”, Silver, Educationist.  2016

“The routine has helped me.  I can see the effect within one week of practice”, Susan, Legal Manager, Mar 2017

“The technique I learnt is very useful.  Even though I have active lifestyle, I’m experience knee pain.  I stayed in a 3-storey house,  climbing stairs has been painful for me lately.  After one week of practising, I experience much lesser pain”, Andrew, Retiree.  Mar 2017

“After attending your class last Oct, I’ve stopped taking glucosamine.  Now my knees are better than the time I took glucosamine. No more pain when climbing stairs. Everyday I spend some time practising it, even during the Chinese New Year period because it really helps. That’s why I strongly recommend my colleague to attend your  new workshop today“,  Hock Ning, 23 Feb 2018

“I’ve been practsising the Strong Knees and Joints routine regularly.  Last week when I do my regular follow up with the doctor, he was surprised the arthritis symptom of my knees has disappeared.  He asked me what did I do.  I told him the routine I practised.  He encourages me to continue to practise.”, Mei Yan, 71, retiree.  10 Apr 2018.

“One of the Renew & Regrow techniques you showed in the LOHAS Graduates’ Gathering had helped me.  I used to feel weakness at my knees, especially climbing stairs.  After 3 weeks of practise, I felt better”, Lai Kwan, 6 June 2018.

“When I traveled to China, I need to climb multiple stairs.  I realized my knee joints are okay. Just some muscle aches.  Thank you for helping me to have stronger knees”, Joyce, Sep 2018.

“I’ve taught the exercise techniques to my friend. She told me her right knee improved within weeks”, Su Ping, retiree, Aug 2019. 



Date: 25 Feb, 10 Mar – 24 Mar 2024

Time: 2.30PM – 4.00PM

Fee:  $75 for CSC member, $85 public officer, $90 for public guest.

 Venue:  Success Trees Training Room,

                12 Arumugam Road  #02-11  S(409958)

Call/SMS 84952928 to register NOW.

To find out more and kept updated on new schedule, send us your question and contact number at our contact us page.


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