A Sip of Relaxation &             

                    Pink of Health

A floral tea series that not only helps relaxation but also improves and nourishes our internal organs. Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine concepts and the understanding of the Twelve Meridians System in our body, the four seasons flower tea Series, TEA BREAK,  helps to nourish our meridians and thus improve the Qi and blood to our vital organ.

It is also a better alternative to typical Chinese or English tea because it does not contain caffeine.  TEA BREAK  comprises five recipes. Each recipe has its unique purposes, taste and aroma. These recipes are named according to the organ it nourishes and the season associated to it.  Each recipe comprises combination of a few floral ingredient that provide the best enhancement to the respective meridians.

It is a LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and SUSTAINABILITY) tea which provide the relaxing and serenity to our mind, body and spirit. 

The TEA BREAK tea series provides a smooth sensation for our drinking pleasure. For busy working class or homemaker, young and old. The TEA BREAK Series is the best solution for modern lifestyle.


Spring Soothing

Nourish Blood, Relieve Tension, protect liver, brighten eyes, stops cough. Beauty, de-stress and de-toxification. (Non-Caffeine)Best Pleasure for:
Relieving tired eyes, Excellent for late sleepers.Drink often to improve digestion, beautify skin


Nourish the heart meridian and small intestine. Improve circulation and alertness. (Non-Caffeine)

Long Summer

Nourish the digestive system and improve blood circulation.  The best companion especially after a heavy oily meal.


Nourish the lung and imporve respiratory system.  Improve complexion and give radiant to our skin.


Nourish the kidney and bladder meridian and improve metabolism.  Help metabolism of water.  Balance hormone. Calming and Relaxing.