LOHAS Meridian Self-Therapy Program (LOHAS-MSP) FAQ:

1) Why is this training a SIX week program?

This program is designed to let participants learn and putting knowledge into practice through weekly practical activity.  This allows better understanding and experience the improvement on their body. The six week also allows the trainer to understand the individual needs better and give feedback and suggestion along the way. Most of the time, participants can feel the improvement in the 4th or 5th week following our suggestions


2) Why do you charge such a low fee for a SIX week program?

Yes, you are right that our fee is not expensive at all, considering the amount of knowledge participants are going to get in 6 weeks, the weekly guided practical experience, trainer’s feedback and coaching according to each participant needs.

In additional to the 6 weeks learning, participants will also enjoy 12 months support with our complimentary regular update and gathering.  In fact, this (6 weeks + 12 months) program is easily worth above $700.

However, the mission of the company is to empower more people with better knowledge for their SUSTAINABLE HEALTH, we are making it as affordable as possible so that most people can enjoy the benefit and refer their friends to us too.


3) What if I cannot make it to one of the sessions?

No worry, our program is modular by nature.  All participants can make up for the session they missed.  We have the record on which session you have missed and keep you informed when there is a next available lesson.


4) Can I learn so many things in 6 weeks?

Yes for most people.  Beacon LOHAS strength is the ability to make things easy and simple to practice.  The program is structured in a way that everybody will have plenty of hands-on activity. So long as you practice what you learn each week, you can almost retain 80% of the knowledge.  In short, practice what you learn is the key for better learning.  As the saying goes, “When I listen, I know.  When I practice, I understand”.

Furthermore, we limit our class size so that each participant will get enough attention and feedback from the trainer, This is almost like a personal coaching to some participants.

The 12 months support is another system in placed to help participant refresh their learning.

5) How can I register?

You can SMS/CALL 90662770  or email to  enquiry@beaconlohas.com to registration.