Back pain could happen to all of us from time to time, regardless of age group. There are many underlying causes that lead to back pain. Without proper care, back pain could impede the freedom of our movement and our flexibility. It could also propagate into other bone and joints problem too.

The Integrative Solution for Backache combines best practices of meridian self- therapy and acupressure techniques, together with the modern health science method, it gives participants a holistic approach to take care of the back and alleviate the pain naturally. This three-weeks knowledge and exercise program helps participants to improve flexibility, reduce tension and relieve back pain issue.   

What will you learn?

  • Relieve stiff neck and shoulder.
  • Avoid upper and lower back pain.
  • Understand your condition

  • Meridian Qi-Flexercise to improve Qi & Blood
  • Strengthening and Flexibility Routines
  • Food for healthy bones and joints

  • Meridian Self-Therapy and Acupressure Techniques
  • Natural remedies for pain relief
  • Preventive measures

Participants’ Feedback

“What Peng Tatt advised me is very important.  I once suffered a serious back pain and my natural instinct is to kill the pain fast.  When Peng Tatt advised me on the new perspectives about pain, I took a holistic approach to take care of my body.  Now I am more aware and conscious on taking care of my back and the back pain never bother me since then”, Anthony, 2018.

“My mother had a history of Frozen Shoulder years ago.  Even though acupuncture helped her to relieve most of the pain.  There was lingering stiffness and pain.  I guess the cold temperature in the hospital made her situation worse when she is taking care of her grand-daughter here.  After one session of meridian massage, she felt there was a distinct improvement.  That’s why I encouraged her to come for the next session”,  Mother of a cancer patient, 2018.

“The 3- steps massage techniques is really simple and effective, I had a stiffness at the neck and the shoulder.  After following the demo by Peng Tatt, it is gone! I’ll continue to practise”.   Farhain, Mar 2021

“Wow! The 3-steps massage works! I can feel the relief within 5 minutes”, Siew Hong, Apr 2021

“My frozen shoulder condition improved within a week after practising the techniques. The pain at my palm area also improved significantly. I used to experience constant pain at this area whenever I exert strength on my right palm. For the past one week, I can do more exercise after practising the self-massage technique. I like Peng Tatt personalized approach toward every participants”, Felicia, April 2021

Integrative Solution for Back Pain

Date: 21 Oct – 4 Nov (Three Sunday afternoon)

Time: 2.30PM – 4.30PM

Venue: 12 Arumugam Road #02-11, LTC Building B.

Fee: $70 for CSC Members, $80 for Public Officers, $90 Guests

For enquiry or registration, kindly email or whatsapp 84952928.