An amazing session of  LOHAS DIY Meridian Massage Comprehensive Workshop & Retreat (DIYMM-c) was successfully conducted.

A two Sundays session with a week of pratical session in between was intended to help participants kick start the undestanding of TCM.  

The workshop was intended to be FUN, PRACTICAL & EASY to practise for participants and it served this objective very well.

The DIYMM-c mission is to equip the participants with simple and easy way to take care of their health and their love one.  


Event photos



 Understanding of the FIVE Elements of our body keeps us healthy. Azizah, the massage therapist and a keen learner. Kim Seng listen attentively. De-stress point is very important.

This is easy to learn. I can feel my body.



Important point to take notes. This meridian exercise is easy to practise. We are good! Give us a thumb up!

This is how you find the point..






LOHAS Meridian MassageTM  Comprehensive Workshop is designed for individual who has interest in Chinese Art of Ancient Therapy.  Through easy to understand example and concept, participants will learn and appreciate the five elements of the body.

The meridian interconnect deep within the body core and there are specific acupressure points along the meridians.  They can be envisioned as highways between the acupressure points in the body.  The common illness we have in our modern society can be frequently linked to the blockage of the meridians.

LOHAS Meridian MassageTM helps to clear the blockage in our body and thus helps to strengthen our internal organs and balance the five elements of our body.  It is therefore able to help to relieve many common illness and pains such as migraine, flu, cold, fever, indigestion, PMS, constipation, acne, lethargic and skin problems. 


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Hear no evil?  Nope.  This is an easy method to relieve ear related problem. Yeah! A great learning with a free massage. Let me practise on you. I can’t do palm reading but I am sure how to improve your lung meridian.
Amnah sure enjoyed a great relaxation massage. Lets have group massage together. The person in front sure can enjoy more. When come to digestion related problem, try this. 
LOHAS Meridian Exercise is easy to practise even you are watching TV. Can you feel the pain here? Let me find the vitality point. Let me check on your stiff neck situation.
Give me 2 minutes and you can feel the difference. Even though he exercise daily, there is still blockage in the body. Can you all feel the lump here? Being a volunteer sure can enjoy free massage.  Yes, the lump is gone within minutes.
We created this 5 element chart together and let us show you the “door to our spirit” point. A good Tea Break helps to nourish the liver meridian. The frozen shoulder point. Let find our big channel in our body.
If big channel to AMK town is blocked, water supply will be distrupted. Similar things happened in our body. Late sleeper need to know this.  I am not dozing off, I am practising. This is how you relieve aches and pain due to common illness.
Yes, we have great learning here. I am Awesome participants.  Class exercise. Let me try on you.   Meridian for detoxification.

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  • The WOOD, FIRE, EARTH, METAL and WATER in you and how it affects your health?
  • The twelve meridians that related to your internal organ.
  • How to locate the important points of each meridian.
  • Practical meridian massage to relieve common illness such as  headache, migraine, stiff neck or shoulder, tired eyes, insomnia, stress, moody, high blood pressure, indigestions, pain and ache, overweight, constipation, water retention, de-stress, lethargic,  hormonal imbalance, sensitive nose and skin. (LOTS of practical and hands-on session).
  • Based on the five elements, access your own health status.
  • Understanding of essential oil.
  • How to use Chinese herbs essential oil to help improving your conditions.
  • Healthy Herbal eating, what are the herbs that can be made to common dishes and nourish our internal organ?

Live Testimonial

“I like the simple massage technique”, Sebatian. Trading Business

“The simple yet light hearted method makes the presentation and demostration clear and easy to remember”, Steven Tan, Pet Shop & Fish Spa Owner

“What attracts me is the simple and easy way of massage”,  Mdm Ng, Homemaker.

 “The DIY techniques that you taught them is definately useful as the Meridian Massage treats the whole body and thereby also causes a pychic balance…” , Mdm Aw, Program Executive

“You have a very interesting workshop and easy massage slimming method”, Ivy Chan, Children Education Coach.

“The trainer is knowledgeable and show his passion in sharing his experience”, CK. Financial Trading.

“The is a very informative session.  Now I understand why I need to perform certain stroke in martial arts.  It’s enlightening. I am interested to learn the advance class.”, Sunny, Feng Shui Practioner. 

“The session is very informative and yet practical”,  Devendra, IT Security Business Owner.

“This is easy to understand, simple and practical session.  I hope you have weekdays class too.” Mrs. Tan.

“I like the clear instructions, very helpful handout, active participation.  The light hearted and practical aspect is excellent. Your workshop is very informative and enjoyable. Good Value!” Sheila, Massage Therapist, United Kingdom.

“I have tried other methods in relieving my constipation condition, however it took me half an hour to see the effect.  After learning your unique technique, I see results in JUST 5 Minutes. Thank you for teaching this!”, Clara Pang, Nurse 

“”Another wonderful weekend with you all awesome people! Thanks for many practical massage tips”, Wei Xian, 31 Aug 09

“Very enlightening workshop. Suitable for anyone who wishes to know about self-massage, personal health and well being”, Dr. Neo, 30 Aug 09

“I have tried the method taught by the trainer, and it really relieved the echo in my ear”, Amnah, Nov 09

“Yes, I have tried anger release massage on my mum and her mood improve a lot now”, Margaret, Nov 09


Upcoming Workshop:

LOHAS Meridian Massage Comprehensive Workshop   


Date:  24 Jan & 28 Feb 2010  (Sunday)

Time: 10AM – 6PM

Venue: Safra Toa Payoh

Course Fee: $260 (inclusive of notes & massage material)

Early Bird Offer:  $197 only and additional BONUS GIFT worth $150.00! (Limited seats.  Register early to secure this offer)

Limited Seat. Small class size to facilitate better learning for our participants.

Call 90662770 or 91734134 or email to Register Now.