1 Oct 2011

This is a re-post from my previous article dated in Nov 2009.

I am glad that I teaches this techniques in my two days – LOHAS Meridian Massage Workshop (Comprehensive) class, DIYMMC.  It is non-invasive and it is fairly easy to administer.   Two months ago, one of my DIYMMC participants came to me telling her experience how she used the same technique to help her father-in-law when he collapsed during his birthday dinner.

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Nov 2009

I happened to go to Tanjong Pagar area to attend a seminar two Saturday ago. The MRT station was relatively empty so  I decided to use the staircase I hardly use to explore that area.

Upon approaching the stair case, I noticed there was a group of people sitting at the staircase. I thought they might be waiting for their friend.   As I walked passed them, I sense a typical traditional massage oil or something similar to that.  The wife was frantically rubbing her husband shoulder and she looked worry.   The husband look a bit pale and his eye could hardly open.   As I was running late for the seminar, I walked pass them without much thought.   When I was walking up the stairs, I ask the Malay young lady who attended to him what had happened.   She just shrouded her shoulder say, “may be giddy la”.

As I reaching the next level my instinct told me to go back and have a look even though my typical traditional family teaching was “Mind your own business”.

I climbed down the stairs and walked towards the group a people. The wife still keeps on rubbing the husband shoulder and neck while their children sitting behind waiting helplessly.

I introduced myself and told them I teach people self help massage.  I offered my help.   I guess the wife was worry and helpless that time. She accepted my offer without much thought.  I asked a few clarifications questions to access the situation.

Apparently the husband fainted in the train a while ago.  The other passengers helped to carry him out to the control station and leave them there.   This guy has history of high blood pressure and he didn’t forget to take his medicine nor having empty stomach.   When I touched him, his hands and feet were cold.   I was worry that he might have a heart attack.

Quickly, I massage his heart and pericardium meridian, especially the Sheng Men and Nei Guan area.  When I tried to talk to him, he looked so blur and had a cold sweat.   He was complaining he is giddy and could not stand up.  So, I taught the wife how to massage both meridians while I try to help him regain his consciousness through massaging the forehead, Ying Tang and the Feng Chi area.   His head and neck were also cold too.

I  used Mint essential oil to help him feel better.  At the same time, I suspect it might be heart attack because his body, neck, hands and arm still feeling cold.  For that reason, I used a bit of strength to press on his Shao Fu point because this point is useful for emergency case as such. After doing it about 5 to 10 min, his body finally is getting warmer.   Finally, he is more conscious and able to stand up and walk with his wife help.

I still remember that I taught one of my Meridian Massage Comprehensive Workshop & Retreat classes that this massage point is for emergency situation only.  Most likely they won’t need to use it.  However, I think I will need to take my word back because we may not predict when emergency is going to happen.  It could be somebody else or it could be our loved one.  Somehow, this incident strengthens my belief that if there is one person in the family learns LOHAS meridian massage, he or she can help to take care of the family, especially during emergency.

As I continue my journey to the seminar, I tell myself that “it is a blessing for me to learn the meridian massage and it’s a privilege to have the opportunity to teach this self help massage technique to public”.

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I am glad that I continue teaching this techniques.  Two years after this, my participant used this technique on the very important day of her father-in-law.  Emergency is something happen unexpectedly.  The question is are we well equipped with the right knowledge.

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