Meridian Massage (MM)
Meridian Massage (MM) simply means stimulating the acupressure points using various techniques to helps us clear any blockage and balance the flow of qi & blood in the meridians, thereby, alleviating common health problems and also achieving Total Wellness for our body and prevent us from falling sick easily.

LOHAS DIY Meridian Massage (DIYMM)
In times of stress and uncertainty, people normally get moody or easily fall sick. While there are many ways to lift up our spirit, one of the way is to be able to change the state of mind through physical change of the body. This can be achieved through LOHAS DIY Meridian Massage. or better still LOHAS Meridian Self-Therapy. 

For example, there are a few acupressure points in our liver and heart meridian that can help to reverse our moody stage.  Just by simple tapping our head, pressing at the area near our wrist or rubbing our leg, we are able to calm down or release anger.  This help to release the blockages that affect us physically and mentally. By strengthening the meridians in our body, we are able to strengthen our immune system and relieve common illness such as flu, migraine and etc.

Clinical research in Taiwan shown that by applying meridian massage and acupressure massage to prematurely born babies helps to improve their growth and weight gain by almost 20% in two weeks time.

LOHAS DIY Meridian Massage is an useful massage and exercise routine that is easy to learn and practical. Another example is for overweight people, they can massage liver, gallbladder and kidney meridian to improve vitality thus indirectly help them to lose weight. This will help them physically and eventually mentally about thier self-image.

LOHAS DIY Meridian Massage was used for Emergency case last November for a high blood pressure patients who fainted in MRT.  

LOHAS Meridian Massage is useful to relieve pain and ache. For example, headache, migraine, stiff neck and shoulder are common problem to many working adults. Meridian Massage can help both in treating the root cause as well as the symptoms. The uniquness of LOHAS DIY Meridian Massage is that this self massage technique can be practised by everybody, young and old, male and female.

DIY Meridian Massage can also helps bonding between parents and children or husband and wife. Sometimes the best way of distress is not talking or counselling but a tender touch from the love one will make a whole world of difference.


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LOHAS DIY Meridian Massage (MM)
Beacon LOHAS Meridian Massage guru, Mr Lim Peng Tatt holds a certificate in Holistic of Aromatherapy and TCM Meridian Physical Therapy. Through many years of practice and invaluable experience that he had accumulated by helping many to recover from various ailments, he has co-created LOHAS DIY Meridan Massage (DIY-MM).

LOHAS DIY-MM is an effective and easy-to-learn set of MM techniques which everyone, young and old, can use anytime, to alleviate common health problems like cold, cought, respiratory problems, body pains, menstrual problem, fluid retention, headache & migraine, insomnia, and many more. Doing LOHAS DIY MM routine exercise using just 10 minutes a day can also help to achieve Total Wellness in our body and prevent illness.

He also incorporated an unique method together with DIY Meridian Massage to design Autopilot Slimming Program that helps people manage weight naturally and easily.   Most of Peng Tatt’s students commented that the workshop is fun, practical and easy to learn. They can feel his passion in sharing the knowledge and experience.