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LOHAS Meridian ExerciseTM

LOHAS Meridian ExerciseTM  (LOHAS-ME) is an enhanced version of the normal meridian exercise which has been widely practised locally and overseas. 

LOHAS Meridian ExerciseTM  (LOHAS-ME) is a simple and effective exercise and strokes which is suitable for participants of all ages (from young kids to the elderly,). 

By practising this exercise regularly, it helps to:- 

  • clear the blockages in our body
  • strengthen our internal organ balance the important five elements of our body
  • prevent many common illnesses and pains such as migraine, flu, cold, fever, indigestion, PMS, constipation, acne, lethargic and skin problems
  • de-stress

“I practise meridian exercise deligently everyday now because I was able to relieve my tennis elbow situation. I feel good that I no longer need the injection anymore”, Mdm Aw, July 2010

In this session, participants will learn and practice:-

  • Understanding of our meridian system.
  • How meridian system relates to common illnesses.
  • Practise LOHAS Meridian ExerciseTM routine to improve Qi and blood circulation.
  • Improve immune system and vitality.
  • Participants will also learn many important acupressure points and its health benefit.
  • Participants will practise mindfulness and focusing technique during exercise.
  • Relax, refresh and recharge to start your day with energy.

“5 mins a day ~ Healthy and Active Always” -Peng Tatt


The uniqueness of LOHAS Meridian ExerciseTM is that it focuses on mind-body-soul wellness. The exercises not only strengthen the physics, it also helps the participants to focus better and managing the stress at a comfortable level. It only takes 5 minute a day to practise this.

What our participants said:

“I think the meridian tapping does make a different. I used to feel stiff neck and shoulder – may be due to my siting posture- and my calves used to feel sore at night. Now I don’t feel it anymore” – Rachel, July 2010

“After seeing Rachel slimmed down practising meridian exercise within 2 weeks. We are all inspired to follow her” Monical, July 2010

“After practising the LOHAS Meridian Exercise for a week, my sinus problem has improved alot. I managed to cut down the runny nose table within a week.” Rosaline, Jan 2011 

“I was able to sleep better after practising this simple techniques. Just 5 mins a day”, Irene, retiree, Jan 2011

“I am amazed by this simple technique. It helped me to relieve my long term digestion issue. I no longer feel aches and pains or water retention. I wear smaller size of dress. Most of all, I am less reliance on my gluten medication.” Lay Har, 20 Feb 2011.

“I practise the simple techniques twice a day, it doesn’t take much of my time. I saw tremendous improvement in my bowel system. I no longer need to take health supplement. This help me save $83 every month. Awesome”, Betty, Trainer, 27 Mar 2011

“I have been practising the LOHAS-ME diligently and I found that my waist line had reduce. Now I can wear M-size dress. My fatty liver condition has improved a lot. I am very happy with the result”, Rosaline, 27 May 2011.

“We should thank you for these valuable sessions, sharing with us the right way of keeping our body fit and healthy.  Through The LOHAS Meridian Exercise, I personally can see results. Now I don’t feel bloated and I can feel that my digestive system is stronger and bowel system is more regular too.  I am not sure how long I have to suffer if I have not ome to know about this Exercise.  Thank you .

I hope to catch up with you for more workshops in near future.”, Judy, Admin, July 2012

“After the first week learning the basic lesson, I discovered the reason why my persistent cough was hard to recover. After a week, I am much better now.  LOHAS-ME also helped me with my bowel movement”, Angie,  17 Nov 2012

“After practicing it regularly, I no longer need to breath hard to feel better.  I am not tired easily.  Recently, I can follow my dance class without problem.  Now LOHAS-ME becomes my everyday routine since it only takes 5 minutes to perform”, Cheryl, 24 Nov 2012

“After the first week, I was in much better shape because I no longer feel breathless climbing up stairs. The last week when you taught us what to do with the spleen and kidney meridian, I went to toilet twice (a bit of diarrheal but no pain), after that I am ok.  I guess it help me to flush out toxin”, Celina, 22 Nov 2012


Sylvia Testimonial for LOHAS Meridian Exercise - improving Qi

Email testimonial by Sylvia, MFA, Jul 2012


LOHAS Meridian Exercise Basic Class


There is currently no class for LOHAS-ME.  

For better and comprehensive learning, you might want to consider LOHAS Meridian Self-Therapy Program or Strong Knees and Joints Program.


Limited Seat. Register Now: 98620063 (Mr. Lim) or 90662770 (Miss. Tay) for registration.




LOHAS DIY Meridian Massage (MM)

Beacon LOHAS Meridian Massage chief trainer, Mr Lim Peng Tatt holds a certificate in Holistic of Aromatherapy and TCM Meridian Physical Therapy. Through many years of practice and invaluable experience that he had accumulated by helping many to recover from various ailments, he has co-created LOHAS DIY Meridan Massage (DIYMM) and LOHAS Meridian Self Therapy Program (LOHAS-MSP).

LOHAS DIYMM is an effective and easy-to-learn set of MM techniques which everyone, young and old, can use anytime, to alleviate common health problems like cold, cough, respiratory problems, body pains, menstrual problem, fluid retention, headache & migraine, insomnia, and many more. Doing LOHAS DIYMM routine exercise using just 10 minutes a day can also help to achieve Total Wellness in our body and prevent illness.

LOHAS MSP is a further enhancement of DIYMM that encompasses understand of individual body type, using daily food to complement the body, minor adjustment to lifestyle and meridian massage and therapy technique to rejuvenate our body in 6 weeks.

He also incorporated an unique method together with DIY Meridian Massage to design Autopilot Slimming Program that helps people manage weight naturally and easily.   Most of Peng Tatt’s students commented that the workshop is fun, practical and easy to learn. They can feel his passion in sharing the knowledge and experience.