As written and published on Sep 2012

Dear friends of Beacon LOHAS,How have you been?Have you been tapping lately?For that past few weeks, many people feedback to us either themselves or their parents are having sleeping challenges.
Insomnia and counting sheeps

Occasionally, we do practice “sleeping techniques” in our LOHAS Meridian Self-Therapy Program.  However, it was not as frequent as we wanted to.  Firstly, due to the limitation of time and the room setting (as we are training at our client premises), it wasn’t conducive to conduct that important segment.

Secondly, not every participant is ok to “sleep” in the class (thanks to our school day teaching) and we don’t really want our participants to comment that “we sleep in the class”.  Just kidding.

Anyway, while we are deciding when will be the right time to start the “sleeping class”, I thought it’s good to create awareness and suggestion for this “sleep challenged” group.

Basically, there are a few different groups of sleep issue.

One of the common conditions is having difficulty falling asleep.  You are lying in the bed, twisting and turning, asking yourself when are you going to fall asleep.  As the clock’s hands point to another hour past, you are still awake while your body is tired.
Wide awake in the early morning
You get more and more anxious because you need to have a good sleep but your mind seems more alert as the time passed.

Sounds familiar isn’t it.  Only those who have been through that will understand the anxiety and frustation. This is just one of the many situations people encountered.

Of course, sleep challenges could be due to many reasons.  Sometimes it is due to our mind and sometimes it is due to our body conditions. As the situation drag on, it becomes a cobination of both.

One of it could be due to be lack of blood for our liver. (Note that liver here is different from western medicine concept).  Normally, as we age, this symptom becomes more prevail.  The possible symptoms are these group of people could be having giddiness easily, eye dryness, low blood pressure, mild anamic or they are in their pre-menopause stage.  Regularly massage important points of liver meridian and heart meridian can be helpful.

Liver Meridian running up to our body   Heart Meridian helps calming and blood circulation

The second group of people having sleeping issue are those having lots of dreams. They are sleeping but not really sleeping because it was not a good sleep.  They often wake up feeling tired.

Some would even wake up a few times to go to toilet at night.  It could be due to in-coordination between heart and kidney meridian, where the heart fire not able to descend while kidney water not able to rise.  Many a times, these group of people has the habit of keeping their mind too active (or using too much brain power, worrying and etc) while their body was idling without using much energy.
awake at night

A practical way is to perform simple and moderate exercise (e.g brisk walking or LOHAS Meridian Exercise) in the evening time.  The keywords here are simple and moderate exercise.  Having moderate exercise such that we perspire a little bit and not too exhausted nor sweat it all out will be good.  Taking care of heart, pericardium meridian and kidney meridian will helpful to improve the situation.
One of the important point for Kidney Meridian
For LOHAS Meridian Self-Therapy Program and DIYMMC graduate, remember to practice the LOHAS 1-to-5 and rubbing sole techniques.

Finally, the last group will be those choose not to sleep early consciously or sub-consciously.   We shall discuss that on our next issue of LOHAS DIGEST.In all cases above, practice one important technique can further improve the situation- deep breathing as we advocate during LOHAS Meridian Exercise.The methods mentioned above are more of inside out approach.  Complementary to that is the outside-in approach by choosing the food that can help to improve sleep.Some of the food that can promote sleep are milk, soothing flower tea, chamomile tea, bananas and etc.  However, it is important to know our body type and compliment it with the right food.  For example, slimming tea may not be suitable for everybody, sometimes it is too cooling especially for ladies.

That is the reason we conduct the Daily Food That Suits Your Body Type class regularly.
Most of the participants had the “AHA” on why they experience certain body condition when we do the step by step self-assessment on body type.

In the upcoming class, we will be mentioning the food that promote Qi and improve sleep as well.

We the above information, we hope to create more understanding and more option to explore for solutions for the “sleep challenged” group.
Please forward to those who you think in need of “good sleep”

Stay tuned for our next LOHAS DIGEST on how does sleeping helps in many health issue, including weight management, sensitive skin and headache and migraine.

For our upcoming events and update, do next class of of LOHAS Meridian Self-Therapy Program is on 20 Oct to 24 Nov, 3:00PM – 5:30PM.  Register early for the early bird offer.Call or SMS 90662770 for registration.

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