This is sure an interesting experience for both the teachers and Beacon LOHAS trainers.

On the 4th of June, Beacon LOHAS trainers team arrived early at the Jurong Junior College assembly hall.

Since it was early in the morning during school holiday, will the teachers become less responsive?  Apparently NOT.

With Peng Tatt determination and focus to make this a fun and useful session for the teachers and their family, we finally got everybody excited with an energy level of 10.  Thanks to the very young participant, Jonathan’s help.

From the picture, this is sure one group of fun loving people.

Having fun with LOHAS Meridian Exercise Intro








1) You are my good partner


Staffs and Family Bonding Time








2) It’s also a family bonding time too.


Lets know each other better - fun activity








3) Let us know each other better – fun & useful activity


Look at mummy








4) Mummy & I session.


Teacher inspecting nails








5) Old school days when teacher use to inspect our nails? Your nails can tell a story about your health.


Wonderful Scene- Group Exercises








6) One of the beautiful scene – synchronized action 10/10.


Important for balancing and relaxing








7) Balancing and relaxing action.


Tap for better health








8) Simple and powerful routine – 4 locations, 4 actions, 1 power station point.


Useful point for headache and migraine








9) Lets find our body natural pain killer point.


Important point to master so that you don't have to rely on medicine








10) Do it together – important point so that you don’t have to rely on pills.


At the end of the session, we received many positive comments from the teachers.  

Many teachers also approached us to have their health questions answered. We are glad to be able to share our knowledge and experience.

The ultimate word-of-mouth came when a few days later, we received a text message from a teacher of another school saying that her friend in JJC likes our interesting training.  

Thank you teachers!

This is a really FUN & HEALTHY session where we see teachers showing off their creativity and artistic skills.  Check out their bento box competition here.


































Wonder who is the winner? 🙂

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