ALL About Kids is a half day session to let the parents learn useful information and experience concerning growing up kids in communication, health and education. It is joinly organised by Beacon LOHAS,, Feng Shui Practitioner and Education Adviser from MindChamp.


Beacon LOHAS added value to the event by teaching the parents useful and practical tips on self massage.

The self massage technique can be administered to adults and children.

Clinical research in Taiwan shown that by applying meridian massage and acupressure massage to prematurely born babies helps to improve their growth and weight gain by almost 20% in two weeks time.

Meridian Massage can be used to help improve children immune system, promote growth healthily, releive discomfort of sickness, improve sleep quality and promote stronger bone and teeth.

The uniquness of LOHAS DIY Meridian Massage is that this self massage technique can be practised by everybody, young and old, male and female.

DIY Meridian Massage can also helps bonding between parents and children or husband and wife. Learn more about DIY Meridian Massage for Kids on

Kids and U – Meridian Massage Workshop for Parents is a practical workshop for parents to show their love to their little prince and princess.  The gentle loving touch together with the technique to improve children overall health is the best gift and communication without words that we can give to our love one.

A practical and fully hands-on session to learn

  • Massage to improve immune system
  • Massage to promote growth healthily, stronger bone and teeth.
  • Massage for clearer mind and eye sight
  • Remedy for common illness such as cough, flu, high fever and etc.
  • Daily exercise that the children can perform themselve before sleep and during school.

Let mummy do it for you first. Daddy will do it himself…

Let mummy show you how to do it You need this for your cough

Youngest participant…
I wanna do it myself

Lets do it together on daddy. Fun time..
Family boding time.


What our past participants say..

“Very enlightening workshop. Suitable for anyone who wishes to know about self-massage, personal health and well being”, Dr. Neo, 30 Aug 09

“Having healthier kids is not about avoiding unnecesary medical cost only. It’s the seeing them growing up healthily and peace of mind for the parent that is priceless. I definately would like to meridian massage my children every night for their heathier future”, Mdm Lim, Homemaker

and more testimonial and photos…

KIDS & U – Meridian Massage Workshops

Date: 28th Nov 2009 (Saturday).

Time: 2PM – 5PM

Venue: 11 Sims Drive.

Course fee: $60 (for the rental of the place, notes and massage material)

Early Bird Offer: $30 Only (Limited seats)

Contact: 90662770 or 98620063 Now to secure your seat at Early Bird offer

Small class size to ensure all participants get maximum learning and value.

Click here for more classes schedule.


LOHAS DIY Meridian Massage (MM)
Beacon LOHAS Meridian Massage guru, Mr Lim Peng Tatt holds a certificate in Holistic of Aromatherapy and TCM Meridian Physical Therapy. Through many years of practice and invaluable experience that he had accumulated by helping many to recover from various ailments, he has co-created LOHAS DIY Meridan Massage (DIY-MM).

LOHAS DIY-MM is an effective and easy-to-learn set of MM techniques which everyone, young and old, can use anytime, to alleviate common health problems like cold, cought, respiratory problems, body pains, menstrual problem, fluid retention, headache & migraine, insomnia, and many more. Doing LOHAS DIY MM routine exercise using just 10 minutes a day can also help to achieve Total Wellness in our body and prevent illness.

He also incorporated an unique method together with DIY Meridian Massage to design Autopilot Slimming Program that helps people manage weight naturally and easily.   Most of Peng Tatt’s students commented that the workshop is fun, practical and easy to learn. They can feel his passion in sharing the knowledge and experience.